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Your College Tour Checklist

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

College tours can make all the difference in determining which college is best for you! These tours are an excellent opportunity for you to learn more information about the school and view it in a student perspective

Ask students that attend that college about their experience

One of the most important actions to do during your college tour is to talk to students. If you visit a college when classes are in session, make it a point of approaching a few students while roaming around campus. Ask them what they enjoy about their school, what their experience is like, and what bothers them the most. By taking the initiative to do so during your college tour; you’ll get far more honest answers from students than from your tour guides.

Check out the dorms and classrooms

During your college tour, take the time to visit the dorm rooms. Make sure to ask to see the freshman and upperclassmen dorm rooms. Freshman dorms are usually the least appealing accommodations on campus, yet they are a necessary part of the freshman experience! As a result, you’ll want to make sure that during your college tour you can get a quick glance of what your living situation could look like. It’s also important to view the classrooms. Make sure the college that you’re visiting has classrooms that you like. During this part of the tour you can ask your college tour guide about a typical class size whether it's large or small, how technological adequate or advanced their services are, and what their interaction with their professors would be like?

Meet some of the staff and visit the admissions office

While you’re on your college tour, why not consider putting a face to your application to the school. This is the best opportunity to stop by the college admissions office! It is highly recommended that you to make an appointment to meet with an admissions counselor so that they can learn more about you on a personal level; rather than your test scores and extracurricular activities. This is your chance to show off your personality, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to ask more questions that you may have about the school. A first impression lasts a lifetime, so during this opportunity remember to be respectful, friendly, and kind!

Work with an expert college consultant

The college application process can be quite stressful; that is why Best College Consulting is here to help make the application process more enjoyable stress-free. Expert consultant Dave Best brings you years of experience and proven success to guide you through your college application process. Getting into the right-fit college is extremely important to ensure that you have the best college experience and the best possible outcome. Take the time to create a list of our tips that were mentioned above before your college tour and book a free consultation with Dave Best to learn more about how you can find the best college fit for you or your student.

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